Dolphin Flush Parking Sensors Audio Buzzer Spare
Spare Dolphin Parking Sensor Audio Buzzer

This buzzer is identical to the one included with our award-winning reverse parking sensor kits. You can hide it in the car’s interior or beneath the parcel shelf; it’s very loud, so you should be able to hear it from wherever is most convenient for you.

The buzzer can be mounted with an adhesive strip or two screws screwed into the car’s lining for a more permanent / secure solution.

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Flush Fitted Parking Sensor Spare Parts
Spare Dolphin Parking Sensors Visual Display

This is the same display that comes with the most popular Dolphin kits, which have won numerous awards. The image as well as the sound produced are both clean and clear.

Instead of providing you a more general reading for the entire car, that would not be as accurate, the LED display will indicate you if you are closer to an obstruction on the right or left side of the car, by lighting up.

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