Parking sensors not working ? All of our parking sensor kits are thoroughly tested before they are shipped, but sadly, faulty parking sensors do happen (very rarely).
Generally, when faults occur, they fall into two categories listed below:

1. When powered up, my parking sensors give a long and unbroken tone that does not stop until I take the vehicle out of reverse.

Likely Issue:

This will likely be a faulty parking sensor. To diagnose this issue, unplug each sensor one by one from the interface box and re-test. When the faulty sensor is out, the kit will work as normal (without the coverage of that sensor). If this is the case, please contact us so we can send you a replacement part.

2. My parking sensors are beeping randomly all the time.

Likely Issues:

This can have a number of causes. The first thing to check is the earth connection. Make sure the parking sensor earth lead is directly attached to the chassis of the vehicle. DO NOT connect to any other wiring loom.

This issue could also be caused if you bunch up any excess sensor cables. This will create a build up of static along the bunched up cables, which will slowly build before discharging through the audio buzzer as random beeps. To solve this, make sure all excess cabling is laid out in long, flat parallel lines.

Finally, you might be experiencing electrical interference. Make sure the parking sensor interface box is not close to any high tension electrical equipment (like fuse boxes). If it is fitted too close, you will get false alerts. This tends to be more likely when fitting front kits. If the interface box cannot be moved, try wrapping it in tin foil. This is crude, but it acts as an insulator.

3. My parking sensors are going off randomly, but only when it is raining.

Likely Issues:

The rain ! Most parking sensors use ultrasonic technology, which bounces a signal off an object in front of it. If the rain drops are dense enough, the signal will bounce off them and be interpreted by the parking sensors as an obstacle. Unfortunately this is an issue that cannot be solved. Thank fully, rain that heavy is quite rare. Even in the United Kingdom.

If you find your parking sensors not working, and you have gone through all the trouble shooting steps above, please give us a call on 01483 522 225 or use our contact form.

If your parking sensors become dirty, the grime might cause some issues with false alerts. So it is very important to keep them clean, as regularly as you can.

It is also very easy to do and only takes a short amount of time. All you need is a sponge and some warm soapy water. Simply run the sponge, softly over the sensors and dry them using a piece of kitchen towel.

If you have the bumper recessed type of sensor, the same applies but they have a central ring indent, so you will need to make sure this is clear of dirt and grit.

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