What is CAN Bus Wiring ?

Try to think of your car as a human body. The CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) allows parts of the vehicle to communicate with one another. It works as a kind of vehicle nervous system.

In turn, the vehicles collection of nodes or electrical control units (ECUs) are like body parts that are linked together via the CAN Bus network. The information sensed from one part of the vehicle, can then be shared with another and so on.

Using the CAN Bus Interface is a practical application of this. Once connected to the vehicle’s CAN Hi and CAN Lo pins, its is able to read the speed of the vehicle and trigger an action based on the vehicle speed. In this case, triggering power to the parking sensors once the vehicle speed drops below 6mph and cutting power once you exceed 6mph.

The perfect way to automate your front parking sensors if you don’t want to remember to switch them on and off manually.

Please browse our extensive CAN Bus Wiring Fitting Instructions Archive. This is what you will need when fitting a CAN Bus Interface to Front Parking Sensors. Only use the CANM8-PARK Wiring Instructions section.

The Purple wire (Speed Dependent Output : 12v continuously while below 6 MPH) is what you connect to the red power lead of the front parking sensors interface box. Always earth directly to the vehicle chassis.